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How to Purchase & Configure a Virtual Mobile Number

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At the end of this article, you will be able to purchase Virtual Mobile numbers, add them to your PBX configuration and set up Inbound SMS to Email. Should you need any assistance, feel free to contact our support department.

How to Purchase an Inbound Number

  1. First, navigate to the Order Services section at the top of the customer portal page and then go to Phone Numbers located in the left-hand column.

  2. In the Order New Number section, click the area drop down box, and then find
    614 - Virtual mobile 
    (type in 614 or scroll to find)

    Note - During your 30-day FREE trial of our system, you will be only limited to Geographic/Local numbers for testing purposes. You will need to Activate your account to purchase a Virtual Mobile number.

  3. Next, select a number(s) from the list available, once selected some information about the number will display.

    Note: Activation fees do apply to Virtual Mobile Numbers, and may not be refundable.

  4. Once you have finished selecting your number(s), on the right hand side will display the monthly costs. To complete your purchase and add the selected number(s) to your account, Agree to the service terms and conditions, then click Submit order.

    Note: Any pro-rata costs to finalize purchase will display below the green submit button.

How to Configure an Inbound Number

  1. First head to the PBX section at the top of the Customer Portal page, find the Inbound Number Object on the left, click and drag it into the working area.

  2. Open the Component Settings, by clicking the Gear Icon.

  3. Give the Inbound Number Object a Name, then select the number(s) you want to use, and click the right arrow (>) to move them to the included column.

  4. The number(s) will show in the Included Number Column, when ready, click the Save button below.

  5. Once complete, the red glow around the Inbound Number Object will disappear, and you will be able to click the Red Apply Configuration button on the left hand side to save your call flow.

How to Setup Inbound SMS to Email 

Virtual Mobile Numbers have the functionality to receive Inbound SMS, forwarded to an Email. See below how to set it up.

  1. First, navigate to the Order Services section at the top of the customer portal page and then go to Phone Numbers located in the left-hand column.

  2. Click the Active Numbers section, where it will show all of your current numbers. Beside your Virtual Number, you will see SMS Routing, click it.

  3. Type in the Email you want the SMS to be delivered to, you also have option to add multiple emails with the (+) button. Click Save once done.

Inbound SMS can take a few minutes to arrive, please also keep an eye on Junk/SPAM folders. If you have issues receiving SMS, please let support know.


Next Steps to Building a Call Flow

Now that the Inbound Number is configured in the Call Flow, the next step is to build out the call flow to suit your business/personal needs. Below are a few links to articles, that cover common objects that get linked to the Inbound Number.

How to Configure Call Diversions

How to Configure Time Conditions

How to Configure Users and Devices

How to Configure Voicemail

How to Configure Voice Menu (IVR)
How to Configure SMS to email

Head to Hosted PBX -> Building Your Call Flow in the Knowledge base for more!

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