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System Uptime

Full system redundancy + Independent monitoring.
Our uptime guarantee are not just words.


Current Service Status

VoIP Services
Update 2: Our engineers have identified the issue and are working to restore service to standard operations. ETA: 15 Mintues

Update 1: Number of tenancies impacted across single SBC. A delay in processing may result in the registration loss.

Service Degradation under investigation
Microsoft Teams
No reported issues
Internet services
No reported issues – is one of the leading independent network monitoring services with advanced reporting & notification systems. Hyperspin allows monitoring of VoIP Line servers from multiple geo independent locations that guarantee zero false alarms. This combined with reliable automatic SMS notification service allows for immediate response to any issues that may arise.

Equinix logo Colocity

Our equipment for the APAC region is collocated in Equinix and Colcocity data centres, creating full GEO redundancy for our Australian and New Zealand customers.

Equinix has a reputation as one of the most reliable and secure data centres in the world with direct low latency connectivity to the largest carriers in Australia and New Zealand.

Hosting cloud

VoIPLine Telecom uses virtualized Cloud infrastructure with fault tolerance and automatic failover in case of any hardware failures. We also have our own redundant stack of Cisco switches connected via two independent network links that guarantee network redundancy level and highest possible uptime.

Support guy

Our emergency response team consist of multiple technicians that can immediately react to any outage from anywhere in the world by utilising our 24/7 remote hands agreement with Equinix.

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