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Tall Emu CRM Integration Overview (Tall Emu CTI Client)

Tall Emu CTI Client is a user-level management portal that is paired with your SIP device, which allows access to view the following information about the caller during an inbound or outbound call:

  • Name
  • Lifecycle stage
  • Open tickets, quotes, opportunities, sales and invoices with links to each of those items

Please see Activating Tall Emu CRM integration to gain access to the CRM Integration.

Screenshots from the Tall Emu CTI Client are provided below.

  • When a call is received or made, the following pop-up appears in Windows Notifications:
  • Once the call is answered, you will have this view above the Windows notification area:
    • You can click the name, which will take you to the Tall Emu CRM. 
    • Under the summary section, each category will bring up the relevant information.
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