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2.0.1 Update

  • User portal and Webphone:
    • You can now see the status of your colleagues. In the 'Phonebooks' tab, contacts (users) with an internal number now have a circle next to their avatar. Green — the user is online. Red — the user is on a call. Grey — the user is offline.


      • Now, if you already have an active call and you receive a second inbound call — instead of a loud ring signal, you will hear soft beeps that will not distract you from the ongoing call.
      • If you press the 'Backspace' button for 1-2 seconds in the field where you entered a phone number to call, the field will be completely cleared.


  • 'Reports' tab - the date filter now uses the current month by default. And if you change the date filter in one of the reports, it will also be updated in the other reports, so you don't have to select dates every time.

  • 'Billing' tab > 'Accounts details' section > Active subscriptions — you can now sort by columns: service, fee, quantity and total.


  • 'Billing' tab > 'Bills and payments' section > 'Auto top-up' / 'Automatic payments' — added credit limit information.


  • A new type of CRM integration has been added: Tall Emu. All details at: 'Integrations' tab > CRMs > Tall Emu.

  • Under the 'Order services' tab, if you have purchased at least one licence for a particular service, a counter for purchased licences will now appear under its name in the menu, or, for example, how many open porting applications are currently in process.


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