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1.9.31 Update

  • User portal. The History tab now includes a convenient call history search. In addition to the usual search by contact name or phone number, it is also possible to filter by time as well as type of call.


  • Webphone ( User portal). You can now search for a contact not only by name, but also by phone number when transferring a call or making an additional call when there is an active call.


  • In the previous update we added 'Call confirm media' to the 'Queue' object. In this update this feature is also available for 'User', 'Ring group' and 'Call diversion' objects.


  • Web callback object. You can now add years to the widget's time display settings.


  • Changed the addition of users to the 'Queue' or 'Ring group'. Now instead of a huge list, if you have many users, a handy drop-down list is displayed with the ability to search for a user by name.


  • The SIP trunk object has been slightly redesigned for easier and clearer configuration.
  • If more than one person is editing a call flow at the same time, previously you could only see a placeholder about this under the 'Apply configuration' button. Now, if you click on this text, you will see a list with the IP and browser information of the other people. You can also kick the other person out of the PBX if necessary.


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