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How to Configure Call Diversions

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At the end of this article, you will be able to configure a call diversion object within your call flow on the PBX tab. The article will also assist you with some common uses of the object within your call flow configuration. Should you need any assistance, feel free to contact our support department.


Configuring a call diversion

Call diversion, also known as call forwarding, is a PBX feature which allows you to redirect your calls to an external number to ensure you never miss a call. Once logged in on the customer portal click on the PBX tab.



Then select Call Diversion from the toolbox menu on the left, drag and drop it onto the main configuration screen. Next, click on the settings icon, insert a device name and select add to add one or more devices.



Finally, enter the preferred external number(s) to forward the calls. Don't forget to apply the configuration to deploy your updates. For any further question feel free to watch our tutorial video on YouTube clicking on "Call diversion tutorial".



Please note that there are two different ring modes available, hunt and ring all. Each number will ring in sequence by the amount specified by the ring slider in the hunt mode. In the ring all, all number will ring together at the same time. It is important to point out that call diversion works as an alternative device(s) so you need to connect the call diversion object to the call flow, as shown in "Watch this action example" section below.


Call diversion usages


This is a simulation of a company that has 2 employees in the sales department: John and Mary, which work between Monday and Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.




So, when a customer calls to the company during business hours their phones ring at the same time (ring all mode).




However, if it is out of business hours, their phones ring for 40 seconds and then they transfer the call to the first sales mobile phone and after the second one in sequence (hunt mode). Finally, if no one answers the call a message is left on voicemail.



Below is a screenshot of the finished configuration from the example explained above. 



Adding contact name to external number


Having multiple call diversion numbers can become tricky to manage. The Phonebook feature of the PBX can be used to give the external number a contact name on the PBX call flow page.

To do this, click the Phonebook setting icon on the PBX tab of the customer portal, and then add the contact name and their number. 
Important: For this to work, the number needs to be entered in E164 format
Example: 61400123123 instead of 0400123123

Once you click save, your call diversion external number should show like this:



Watch this in action


The video below will show you a visual representation of the areas covered throughout this knowledge base guide.



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