VoIP equipment refers to the physical devices that will allow you to use Voice over IP telephony in a more traditional way, by using a phone on your desk. It will also simplify access and use of advanced features of the VoIP systems like call transfer, hold, conference calls to name a few. 


VoIP Phones

There are currently a big variety of VoIP phones available on the market. From the very basic to very advanced phones that can compete with the latest models of some flagship smartphones. You can, however, install different models for different people within the same organisation depending on personal needs. 

We recommend the Yealink brand as one of the most popular brands worldwide at the moment. 
Yealink offers wide variety of phones, headsets, adapters, video/audio conferencing units at very competitive prices, excellent warranty support and global availability.


What is a VoIP phone?

A VoIP phone is a device designed to convert sound into digital data that can be sent over an internet connection. These phones convert the analogue signal to digital and vice versa. 


Types of IP phones

There are two kinds of IP phones: hardware-based and software-based. The VoIP hardware-based phones can be further split into office desk phones, cordless phones, reception phones. Each having its own set of features.

There are also software-based phones or softphones. Those are applications installed on a mobile device or computer. They maintain all the functionality of a hardware phone while normally being a lot more affordable, free up physical desk space and can be moved from one device to another. Those however normally require a headset and a microphone to make and receive calls.

If you wish to make an everyday phone into an IP phone, you'll want an analogue phone adapter (ATA). This device acts as an interface between a standard PSTN and a VoIP Service.



VoIP hardware phones have hand-piece and many also offer loud speakers. However, it is a lot more convenient for most to use headsets to free up hands while working on a computer. There's a range of headsets available on the market for various VoIP phone brands. You can get wired or cordless headset. Bluetooth or 2.4Ghz. 

Wired headsets are best for when you are looking for an affordable and reliable option without the need to move around the office.

Bluetooth works well when you require some freedom of movement, long battery life and if you have many people using those in a smaller space

2.4Ghz headsets are best for a longer range of operation, but normally have shorter battery life and won't work well in a congested environment with many people using those headsets in close proximity from each other.


Routers and PoE switches

Depending on the size of the system you are planning to deploy, it may be useful to get PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch for your business. Each VoIP desk phone normally requires 5 or 12v power supply and therefore a PowerPoint is required, adding to the cable clutter and making it harder to move the phones when required. PoE, on the other hand, allows phones to get its power via Ethernet cable. This not only makes it easier to install but also looks neater and more professional. 

Router upgrade may be required if you want to be able to guarantee higher priority to your voice traffic over anything else, ensuring no voice dropouts or delays occur on the line when talking.




A large variety of equipment is available on the market today that can make the use of VoIP system a lot easier, more reliable and productive. Talk to our sales engineers today and we will help you to get the most suitable set of equipment for your needs. While our automatic provisioning system will make it a breeze to get new phones connected.


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