Replacing the corporate communication system can be a daunting prospect. As long as the previous telephone system continues to perform, we tend to prefer not to touch it. This is the right mindset. However, situations change, and whether you wish it or not, it’s time to think about change.

Most corporations in Europe have already completed the transition or are achieving the change over to VOIP in the coming years. Switching from the legacy telephone system to VoIP PBX is a way to future proof your business in the new communications environment

Why switch to VoIP?

One of the critical North American telecommunication providers: Verizon — have stopped providing ISDN to new business customers in 2015. A similar trend is currently happening in Europe. By 2019 the critical suppliers like Deutsche Telecom, BT, France Telecom (Orange) and Telecom Italia will stop providing ISDN lines. Telecommunication providers have proclaimed the complete end of PSTN and ISDN services over the next ten years.

The message is clear: PSTN and ISDN technologies have currently become obsolete, a transition is inevitable. Besides, an out-of-date telephone system is one in every of essential obstacles holding your business back from growing.

What are the benefits of the switch to VoIP?

  • Significant savings on call rates as well as international calls along with free calls between offices (including global offices).
  • VoIP systems are less complicated to install, set up and troubleshoot. They can also be managed via a web-based interface.
  • They eliminate expensive to maintain hardware like media gateways because the whole VOIP system can be hosted in a virtual or a Cloud-based PBX and use soft-phones or SIP phones.
  • VoIP systems are simple to scale. They have the flexibility to add and take away numbers, users and devices dynamically.
  • VoIP systems afford mobility. End users and staff can be reached on the same telephone number on multiple devices regardless of where they are. The workplace can be moved around without having to change the contact number or pay for call forwarding.   


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