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mPBX & Skype for Business


Complete integration between
Skype for Business from Office 365 & mPBX

VoIPLine Telecom is a registered Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) with Microsoft.

Combine the best of both worlds:
Our flexible mPBX call flow management & the cutting edge unified communications suite from Microsoft.

VoIPLine Telecom offers PSTN calling integration for Office 365 / Skype for Business / Microsoft Teams alongside our enterprise mPBX call flow manager.

Keep your
existing numbers
Fully cloud based
solution (no onsite appliance required)
Skype for Business

Built for teams & networks

Now with Skype for Business you can simplify your infrastructure with one platform for calling, conferencing, video, and sharing. Connect your teams with the experience they love, in the Office applications they use every day.
Skype configuration

Simple device configuration

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Easy to configure on any device. Just login with your email address and password and you are online – ready to work.

Connect to your Skype for Business account from Desk phone, smartphone, pc or mac. Always online, always available.

This also allows ‘hot desking’ where you can move from desk to desk or even between offices, login with your account on any device and calls will be routed to you.

See your co-workers status, organise group chat sessions

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See status of your co-workers on the screen of your phone. Immediately determine who is available, who is on a call, away from desk or offline.

Drop a line of text with quick question to anyone in your team. This is often quicker and more efficient way to simple questions compared to making a phone call. It is also less disruptive to your co-workers. You can use Group chat feature to create instant group discussions.

Add people from outside of your company who use normal skype. Link them to your Favourites and invite those people to participate in Group Chat, Conference calls, Video calls.
Skype chats
Skype video

Video conferencing and collaboration

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Convenient and affordable Video Conferencing. Just add big screen, good quality mic and speakers and you’ve got feature rich Video Conference system in your office. Create video conferences with anyone in your organisation or with other Skype users. Join Video conference from any device anywhere.

Share your computer screen with your co-workers during Video conference or with any other skype user. Present your ideas to others in the most efficient way.

Send files to your colleagues instantly during your chat, voice or video conversation.

Create instant voting polls to get collective option about any of your questions. Done with ease of a few clicks.

Take full advantage of the full feature set offered by mPBX call flow manager with your Skype for Business from Office 365

Complete integration between Skype for Business and our proprietary mPBX system. Use all advanced mPBX features like Voice menus, Call queues, call recording, Time Conditions etc with your Skype for Business answering points instead of standard SIP devices. Easy to use online management portal that allows you to instantly change/provision required call flow configuration.
mPBX User settings

Office 365 – Cloud connector

PSTN Calling Integration Options

Cloud connector is a term used by Microsoft to describe a set of virtual machines that uses a minimal Skype for Business Server topology and enables Office 365 Skype for Business suite to make and receive phone calls. VoIPLine Telecom offers deployment, configuration and ongoing maintenance of the Cloud Connector set of VMs.

A cloud connector hosted by VoIPLine Telecom allows your office 365 applications to be fully integrated with our proprietary mPBX call flow manager. Taking full advantage of local Australian call termination and competitive call plan rates.


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Designed for smaller – entry level deployments, ideal for a user base of up to 20. For businesses looking to take full advantage of a unified communications suite without large capital expense.
VoIPLine Telecom offers Skype for Business – Office 365 licenses on its multitenant solution, where one Cloud Connector is utilised by multiple business tenants.
The key advantage of this solution is that it does not require deployment of dedicated VM infrastructure for each business tenant.
VoIPLine Telecom offers fully managed service of the Office 365 tenancy.
This implementation requires customer web domain to be linked or migrated to VoIPLine Telecom Office 365 account.
Extend the capabilities of your mPBX platform by integrating with Office 365 Skype for Business suite. By allowing you to add your Office 365 Skype for Business account as an answering point to the User object.
User phone numbers, selected call plans (assigned call rates) and any other mPBX Call flow manager rules will apply.


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Integrate your own Office 365 tenancy with our mPBX call flow manager, allowing for a full enterprise grade telephony platform for your business.
Your Skype for Business users within the Office 365 platform will have the ability to make and receive calls and use all advanced call flow manager features of mPBX. Take full advantage of being able to assign separate call plans to each Skype for business user based on their call volumes.
Keep your existing Office 365 subscriptions, or purchase new licensing from VoIPLine Telecom.
Note: MS Phone system subscription required.
For customers with existing Office 365 tenancy who would like to keep full access to the administration portal the standalone Cloud connector deployment will be required, unless your domain is migrated to VoIPLine Telecom tenancy. Migration costs not included.

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