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Customer reviews

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“VoIPLine Telecom have been very helpful during the porting and setup of the Hosted mPBX. It isn't that difficult, but it's nice to have the assistance the first time round especially with 100's of numbers. So far the voice quality is great and tone dialing works.”
Stephen Bazley Stephen Bazley - 15 Mar 2018 -
“Have been very happy with Voipline so far, their customer and tech support is outstanding”
Carl Quested Carl Quested - 26 Mar 2018 -
“I didn't know much about VOIP prior to a recent office move when we decided to review all of our systems including IT and telephony. The crew at VOIPLine were incredibly helpful and made the setup process very easy. We are really enjoying the functions of the new system and like the fact that we can adapt the PABX to suit our needs and make changes as required. I highly recommend VOIPLine.”
James Leahey James Leahey - 13 Feb 2018 -
“Had so much trouble with previous phone provider. And luckily, we found VoIPLine Telecom. Support from voipline team is great. And the cloud pbx system is awesome.”
Angelo De Silva Angelo De Silva - 08 Dec 2017 -
“Very user friendly interface, great prices, out of the box functionality, give them a go!”
Ken Mace Ken Mace - 22 Feb 2018 -

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