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Customer reviews

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“The best decision we made with our phone system was to move it all over to VoIPLine. Having been stung by our previous VoIP provider with poor service and over-charging us, we were anxious to move everything over to another provider. We are glad we went with VoIPLine! Right from the start they were extremely helpful in ensuring we had everything setup correctly. The online portal has been a pleasant experience and has made our lives easier in managing our phone system. We were even able to ditch our previous conference call provider and let VoIPLine handle that too! We would recommend VoIPLine to all businesses big or small.”
Jaylon Martin Jaylon Martin - 07 Feb 2017 -
“I looked everywhere for a company like this. Their tech and sales stuff are brilliant. This really is the best VOIP system I could find. I love that I can configure how my phones work with a simple drag and drop interface. It has changed my Business, I now have a full featured VOIP system that is flexible and easy to set up with low running costs.”
Adrian Bartholomeusz Adrian Bartholomeusz - 07 Apr 2017 -
“Having recently ported all our services and users to VoIPLine I could not be happier. The level of customisation we have been able to achieve through the portal is incredible, and the experience we have been able to offer our customers now is amazing. My favourite is the call confirm where we can send after hours calls to "on call staff" and unless they accept the call it keeps going round robin, never letting the caller hear the voicemail on the staff members phone and ensuring they get connected! I cannot recommend Aaron and the team more highly.
Mike - Director - Watchdog Alarms”
Michael Drummond Michael Drummond - 11 Nov 2016 -
“The SIP Trunk works well. The support person we dealt with was very technologically knowledgeable and very helpful.”
Allan Nelson Allan Nelson - 07 Apr 2017 -
“I am happy with the system - it has definitely made managing the phone requirements for our company easier and cost effective. The support has been good from the company. Our only issue has been internet speed at various times has caused some disruption. But overall pretty happy.”
Selena Thurbon Selena Thurbon - 12 Nov 2016 -

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