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Customer reviews

We love our clients and it's great to hear they love us too!

“Their helpdesk is superb! They are truly helpful in whatever concern and issues that we are facing. I will definitely recommend using their services, they can make impossible to possible in all aspects!”
Kevin Turner Kevin Turner - 14 Aug 2017 -
“The switchover process from my previous provider was seamless from end-to-end with clear communications on the process and timeframes.

The configuration interface is a triumph of well thought out design and implementation. Our requirements are very simple but I can see the scope to implement complex scenarios efficiently and rapidly.”
Nick Chettle Nick Chettle - 23 Jun 2017 -
“We are very happy with our two office setup (18 handsets, 2 office + 3 remote workers). VOIPline setup all of our Yealink handsets before shipping them to us. They also assisted with the more complex task of multiple accounts, different ringtone & caller ID.

The PBX interface is a breeze to use and allows complex call flow even for a small business like ours. I also like the transparent billing flexibility & reporting. Being able to setup call plans for each user depending on their call volume is great.

Call quality to local, national and mobile has been very clear and superior to our current LG Telstra phones. We have not made any international calls, so I can’t comment on the quality. We tested our connection via TPG fibre (main office), NBN-FTTP (second office), low bandwidth ADSL (remote user), Optus cable (temporary remote user) and satellite (west Qld remote user). All connections required plugging the phone into the network port on the internet modem or router and waiting 30 seconds for it to initialise.

Support response times are either immediate or waiting on hold for a few minutes. Most of our contact has been via chat session, but where appropriate a voice call is made.

Our call volume is not huge, but our line rental and equipment hire from Telstra dominated our bill. Moving premises just adds to the lines and diversions you have to pay for to keep your number. Buying the handsets (Yealink T46) outright & switching to VOIPline will pay for themselves within 12 months.

I normally don’t gush in reviews, but VOIPline has been a breath of fresh after many years of dealing with Telstra. I recommend buying two handsets and make use of the trial period to see if it works for you.”
Matthew Keyser Matthew Keyser - 26 Jul 2017 -
“I looked everywhere for a company like this. Their tech and sales stuff are brilliant. This really is the best VOIP system I could find. I love that I can configure how my phones work with a simple drag and drop interface. It has changed my Business, I now have a full featured VOIP system that is flexible and easy to set up with low running costs.”
Adrian Bartholomeusz Adrian Bartholomeusz - 07 Apr 2017 -
“Great people, They r punctual, considerate very polite and cheering professionals and I mean it ”
Im Khanzada Im Khanzada - 14 Jul 2017 -

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