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Customer reviews

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“VoIPLine is one of the best VOIP companies we have subscribed with. They offer affordable rates and the plans are budget-friendly. I will surely recommend it to my colleagues. Thank you!”
Vincent Fontanoza Vincent Fontanoza - 19 May 2020 -
“I was a little hesitant to switch providers as we had an internal system running for the past 8+ years fed by a SIP trunk. But when systems get to the stage where you don't know which provider to call, and one of them is yourself, and you're afraid to touch your own internal system due to age, it's time to overcome the hesitancy.

Fortunately, VoIPLine made it very simple for us to trial their system with no strings attached. I got a screen-share introduction to their easy cloud PBX platform. We could test all of the scenarios and bring our own handsets & softphones.
Number porting was handled easily.
Documentation for the PBX is fantastic, and the auto-provisioning for Yealink phones made it a doddle.

I've had to use their online chat service twice and have had good experiences both times.

Very happy we switched and wish I did it years ago.”
Ian Yates Ian Yates - 22 Apr 2020 -
“Fantastic service and the beauty is you can do it all on your own. Very user friendly. Staff are always available to help.”
Devang Parikh Devang Parikh - 29 Apr 2020 -
“I have found working with VoIPLine very easy. Their system is clean and user friendly and when I needed support or had questions they were very helpful and quick to respond. We have integrated it with Microsoft Teams to gain more control, there are still some features we would like added but I am confident that this will come with time as they appear to be constantly developing their system. I highly recommend them but be sure to use their free trial first to ensure it will meet all your needs.”
Adam Loveday Adam Loveday - 03 Jan 2020 -
“We have just started using the services & the team seems to be very responsive & friendly. High recommended!”
Amit Ghia Amit Ghia - 28 May 2020 -

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